Pixel art styled animals 5/10 (Cat)

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     Hello again to all Steemit community, today I bring a very peculiar drawing; a chimera cat, with today's drawing I reach half of the goal set for the series and although I haven't been as constant as I wanted, I am very excited.

I am a cat lover and everyone who knows me, knows that, I wanted to make a cat a while ago, but I couldn't decide what to start with, so I decided to do a not very common one

Final cat.png

Chimera cat :According to mythology a chimera is any hybrid creature formed from different parts of animals, however, for science this name is given to those that contain two types of DNA, this occurs when two embryos merge together Source

There are several chimera cats in the world, however for this drawing I was inspired by a cat called Venus, she is very popular in social networks with thousands of followers around the world.


     As I've always told you in my previous posts, to make my drawings I use a webapp called Piskel which is oriented to the creation and animation of pixel art, however for my next drawings, I will probably use a more practical tool. The canvas' size is 90x90 pixels.

Before starting with this drawing I knew I wanted it to be completely symmetrical, so to make the sketch and most of the work I used a tool within the application called Vertical Mirror Pen which made all the drawing to be easier.

After making the sketch, I adjusted the position of the nose, divided the face into 2 when coloring and drew the mouth along with the snout.

I edited the shape of the head multiple times until I got what I wanted, eliminating the pixels that were out of place along the way.

Since I wanted the drawing to be simple, I didn't make many details, I just added the characteristic spots of the lighter half and few shadows on both sides, ending with the ears and whiskers.

Gato gif.gif


I hope you liked my post, remember that you can support me by upvoting, if you have any suggestions for my next drawings don't hesitate to comment down below!!!


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