Pixel art styled animals 3/10 (Fox)

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     Greetings to all the community of steemit, several days have passed since my last publication of the serie, so today I bring another drawing of it, today's turn is for the fox.


     The foxes are wild animals belonging to the canine family and the smallest of this, they live most of the time alone, they are very good hunters and can live approximately 10 years in their habitat and about 20 in captivity .
As a curious fact, foxes do not communicate like dogs do; they do not bark. It is very characteristic of foxes non-verbal communication, such as certain facial expressions, the movement they perform with their tails, body postures etc, although it is true that foxes emit sounds similar to a human scream in certain occasions, it is not the usual way they communicate. Source

To make this drawing I used the webapp called Piskel, it is an app mainly focused on pixelart, it's free and very easy to use.
I started drawing a sketch very vague, however thanks to this, the realization of the drawing was very simple

Later I added the main colors, an orange tone and a whitish one.

From here I fixed some details such as the face's size, the ears' possition, I added some shadows, and of course eliminated the pixels that were out of place.



I hope you liked my post, remember that you can support me by upvoting, if you have any suggestions for my next drawings do not hesitate to comment down below!!!


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