Witch Bookmark idea

in #art3 years ago


Hey, everyone :)

So I have been having this idea recently to create a series of images compatible for bookmarks. This is one of my attempts and testing out how it may turn out. This is just an idea and there are a lot of things that I would change in the final image. Just wanted to draw out quickly the idea that I had.

In the future will post more of such images and will try to make them same theme to match.

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She has a really nice expression, very unhappy, and well expressed! I love her body language, also, @hentikage... And the colours are very nice, too <3

You are the first one happy with her expression :D
When I showed it to other close friends they were like "whats wrong with her face?" XD

I am happy with the colors as well! Thank you for the nice comment as always <3