Winter mist - watercolor drawing

in #art3 years ago


Hello, everyone :)

It was quite dark and misty over here the last few days and inevitable you can feel that winter is approaching.
So I was in kind of a gloomy mood all day and decided to draw a calming painting.
Since it has been so misty here I decided to draw also a misty background for the painting :p Hopefully it does resemble it.
In any case it was a fast drawing just wanted to paint something with these settings :)

Hope you guys like it!

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This is beautiful, @hentikage ! I love the softness of the colours, so pale and misty <3

Does @hentikage have other social media outside of Steemit? :O I wanna see more of @hentikage's beautiful arts * ___ *

beautiful landscape is particularly well shown aerial perspective

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