First Acrylic attempt

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Hello everyone :)

Recently I got my new set of Acrylic paints Winsor&Newton and I was very excited to test them out and what better than waves/sea or any sort of waterscape.
The paining was quite fast to do, I think in total 40 min with the drying time - the idea was just to do a fast sketch to test out the new paints. I did the painting in total of 4 layers - the fourth one being adding more details. As you can see I did the drawing on my ordinary mix media sketchpad 200 gsm and it behaved well - the paper didn't buckle.

It was quite fun and relaxing! Next time I will make a step by step progress, because I am sure that will be fun to see :)

This is the set if anyone is interested in trying them out:


They are relevantly cheap and performed well, but I cannot give you a clear judgement, since this is the first time I am trying out acrylic and I have no basis for comparison. (By the way not sponsored :D - just wanted to share)

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Some great skill on display. Thank you hentikage.

Quite lovely, I like it. A nice seashore scene is always relaxing and also invigorating at the same time specially if waves are involved.

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Thank you! I should try drawing scenery more often, it is very relaxing :)

I like this a lot. I have done some similar stuff in oils. Are you going to put some clouds in the sky? If not it looks cool just as it is. My favorite part is how the water is hitting the sand!