My Drawing Little Cat 可爱的小猫

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Today I would like to share with my drawing, a little cat. It's cloudy and rainy, and I didn't go out. So I took about 2 hours to draw in the afternoon. I like cat and normally I drew what I like. This is what the so-called interest is the best teacher.
Now share with you one of my drawing, I feel the cat is so cute, hope you like.

Materials: two simple pencils 两只铅笔

The process 过程:

Line work: 线稿

First, I draw the outline of its face. and then I adjusted it. 首先我先画出它的面部轮廓,感觉不好的地方后来又调整了一下。


And I drew some lines in the face. eyes, mouth, nose and furs. I think its eyes is difficult to draw, and I drew some times in order to achieve perfection. 然后我画出眼睛,鼻子,嘴巴和它的毛。眼睛很难画好,高光要留出,然后眼睛边缘用黑色铅笔加深一些。再简单勾勒几条毛发。


Finally, drew the details of the fur. 最后画细节,毛发的走向。





Thank you !

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looks very cute

That's a cute little cat

thank you !

Woww Amazing

U are welcome, Please visit my blog and Support

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Lol. I thought about that too :)

you are interestingly sceptic. I like that.

naughty but funny

Wow Haha.

thank you @ whd

awesome drawing, good job

Looks pretty cute, thanks for sharing ^ _^

thank you for reply

Amazing pictures.. I can see

thank you!

Awesome! I wish i didn't stop drawing when i was younger.

it is not late, as long as you grab your pencil.

Good one.... keep up the beautiful work

Wow great skills awesome talent!! Cute cat

thank you

wow you are amazing, just add color on it and it will like real cat. thanks for the share. you have a wonderful talent.

thank you @ kingxerxesdex, I don' have color pencil, maybe I will add in future.

Nice tutorial. The main thing is your dedication for this drawing and your love for cats. That's something which matters. Looking forward to another beautiful drawing by you. Wish you all success on [email protected]

thanks @ cryptonet, thank you for your warmhearted words, really appreciate it. :)

Cute cat. I love to draw too. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted. Resteemed.

thanks @joeyarnoldvn, thank you for your surpport, glad you like it. :)

Cute kitty, u have a talent :) upvoted ! Greetings from sunny Poland :)

thank you @sava :)

This is really nice work. You're talented. :) thanks for sharing!

thank you for reading @droidsid

sweet and cute cat good art @helene

:) thank you

Wow ,you're amazing 😍

thank you for stoppingby

great job @helene. I love anything about cat. Thank for sharing.

Hi. If you are interested here is some my artwork with cats. Hope you will like it

Nice art! Good going!

This is a nice drawing I like the details thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Such awesome Line work. This is amazing

Very cute cat, bytheway i have post about drawing zayn malik, would you like to see it? Thankyou^_^

thank [email protected], your drawing is very good, keep it up.:)

Cute cat!😍 If you like funny memes check my page! See you☺️

thank you

Pictures of cute cats, pusy, pusy .....

thank you @ amuchtar

so cute cat~~~


lovely I am currently working on an art tutorial my self will follow me and check It out later. I followed you and up voted. keep up the good work!

That cat >>>>>>>

It's beautiful. You're very talented.

thank you four your encouragement @ fundoing.

nice drawing and subject!, I used to draw a lot years ago, then got lazy, doing everything on a computer or phone, so lost simple skills. Need to get back to it.

thank you @ catskittensrule yes, computer or phone occupy much time in our life, so we need to find a quiet time to relax my mind. I enjoy the moment of drawing.

Wonderful art cat.Do you work this professionally or it is your hobby?

I'm not a professional drawer, just for fun. drawing is one of my fact , I 'm a beginner.

very cute
keep it up

thank you

You're a really good artist. Nice work!

thank you for your kind [email protected]

Cute kitty. I followed your instructions and look what I got XD

very good!

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好可愛的貓啊!看得我目不轉睛!! :D



Ah, that's so cute!! I just love cats...
Thanks for sharing with us :)

thank you so much

Ok, i will check it later.:) keep sharing.

better than i could ever manage lol, great work :)

Awesome Post Keep it up from @ahmedfaraz

Awesome Post Keep it up from @ahmedfaraz

Great work! I'll try this later :)

thanks @cherishdcm, looking forward to your work!

AWW! He's so cute - and you did a great job creating a sense of tactility in your drawing - the fur looks so soft and fluffy - just like the real texture - it definitely looks like it would feel - if that makes any sense! Great work :)

@j-vo, thank you for your warmhearted words, really appreciate it.

So nice!
Upvoted and followed you!
Follow me @phamxuan
Thank you!

Very cute cat. Thanks for sharing the drawing progress. It'll be a lot of help for me too :)

Glad you can get help from it, keep drawing and sharing . :)

Upvoted because the cat is super cute! :) Nice work @helene! ^^

impressive work

thank you

Such technique!!

thank you

A very adorable and cute cat, wonderful work Helene


Cute sketch! I love cats too! :)

glad you like cat, thank you for reading :)

beautiful and cute !

thank you.:)