little Mice 鼠趣

in art •  last year


Little mice are inteligent anmimals. Although it is not good-looking, it has a strong vitality. And it has a keen sense of smell, and is always wide awake with a small figure. In Chinese painting, little mouse is a symbol of wealth, because when it appears in some place, there must be some grains in it.
Today I would like to share with you little mice, which were stealing peanut while the owner was gone. Hope you enjoy it. ^_^


Material 工具:

Chinese brushes 毛笔 3 只
Chinese painting color : 中国画颜料
Xuan Paper (raw) 生宣纸
Chinese ink 墨汁
Small tray for washing brushes 笔洗

The Process:





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I wonder if they ever get peanut allergy like a lot of people these days.


My pet dog loves peanut butter. He never had allergy. I think animals are different from human beings :-)

Mice knows where to find the goods.


the spirit of friends in good health always

yo siempre digo que ellos son muy inteligentes, aunque yo les tengo miedo




Very usefull and informative post, i like your post and have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1650 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia






谢谢@strbull 支持。^_^

I just LOVE your artwork! It is so simple, yet so elegant and stunning. My daughters and I will endeavor to learn some of your techniques. I hope to share the results soon. Keep up the awesome work!




A nice painting with the theme of the figure of a small mouse with a symbol of wealth

So cute, I think they are good looking. I had 3 gorgeous pet rats, so smart. My favourite animal.