Chinese Painting---Bamboo 中国画--竹子

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Bamboo is a sort of hollow plant and always green all the year round. Many people love it in China not only because Chinese people used it for writting on in ancient times but also it has many implied meanings.

As it has many bamboo joints, which represent a person with high moral principle, so the symbolic meaning of bamboo is always healthy trends. And the word bamboo " 竹" has a similar pronunciation with wish "祝" , so it also means blessings and good things.

It's so good, how can I not paint ?

Now let's start!


brush, ink and rice paper,Chinese painting colour

Interesting sidelights (拍摄花絮):

First, paint bamboo. I painted it many times, but was still not good. I underestimated its difficulty.


This was the first time that I painted the bamboo. After painting bamboo joint and leaves, I painted a bird on it. it looks fat, and It's like an owl, so I decided to paint again.


This was my second work, it was still not good. When it's not dry, I paint wing of them, which result in dizzy dye.


This was my third work, this time I painted the two sparrows with ochre color and ink. Does it look better?



If you are interested in it, you can paint it and send your families and friends your best wishes, beautiful and lucky!












这是第二幅,两只麻雀肚子还没有干,我就画上翅膀,结果晕染一片。。。55555 。。。。

我又重新画一幅。 这次顺便用赭石给麻雀上点颜色。。是不是好看一点呢?


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Very nice and simple painting. Ink brush is my favorite medium.

thank you

水墨真的好難!!! 所以我很佩服能畫水墨的人啊~


加油加油!! 姊行的!! :D



失敗的留起來練筆用~ (^o^)



Beautiful painting, @helene. We have a lot of bamboo in Nigeria. We normally use it to stake yams stem in farms at growing stage. That's when it's cut and allowed to dry to ensure stiffness. Nice to know you have it in China too. Thanks for a nice work. @greatness96

yes, there are many bamboos in south of China, chinese people also love it. We also use it sustainning vegetables in farms.


谢谢猫女。^ _ ^

now I think I know how to paint haha, thanks to your details on how you draw it step by steps.. it reminds me of the animated movie kung fu panda.. I like it, you have the talent friend. :)

glad you like it, yes, kung fu panda is a interesting movie, thank you for your reply.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

[email protected], thank you for your kind words. :)



Great art


Nice art, Helene. I'm new here. I have followed you.

welcome to steemit, thank you.

You got my vote and a resteem :)

thank you for your support

wonderfull @helene, a very good painting of Bamboo!

thank you for watching.

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So beautiful!

Wow! Thats an amzing art. keep it up @helene

great work keep up
Thank you

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Beautiful painting @helene

thank you, gvand


Very nice painting. Simple and great

Very inspiring and beautiful. Peaceful birds

you're so damn good at this Helene!
I love your paintings!
I want to have this one :D

thank [email protected], glad you like the traditional Chinese painting too.

very amazing😍 @helene