Travel Sketches

in #artlast year


I may not get to travel much, but I love that I can “travel” through sketching. This is the dovecot (or dove house) that is part of the ruins of 13th C. Newark Castle in St Monans, England. I particularly like how the simplicity of this one turned out; I used a Pilot Metropolitan fine nib fountain pen, loaded with a Namiki sepia cartridge, and created the wash using a water brush over the lines. In my Pentalic sketchbook, the original lines don’t entirely disappear when water is applied (unlike on other types of paper), which lends a nice effect.


Since I’ve moved to a larger sketchbook (letter size) than the one I used last year (memo size), it was getting terribly unwieldy to haul a full sketch kit along as well. I got the idea for this “pen quiver” sleeve off Pinterest, and so far I like it. It has the bare necessities (two fountain pens loaded with different inks, my water brush, and a ballpoint pen), and is slim and light!

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