Kiss Of Soul

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The paintings tell the most celebrated classic myths and a popular subject for all artists in the world , the lover want to tell her not to open it unable to contain her curiosity , psyche behind this open the flasks and the fumes send her into a death like sleep a psychee with a kiss , the true love is often defined by seemingly unremarkable shared moments rather than dramatic gestures this painting not only show adulterous lovers but also their souls , the sensuality of this depiction didnt fit but beauty is in the eye of the beholder a true art fan will understand the pain of love and soul although the eroticism of the painting would raise many eyebrows but art has no boundary , An enchanting depiction of young love a couple gazing devotedly at one another , You all can clearly see the colors of love life the couple is depicted surrounded by symbols of the newness of spring summers .


Amazing painting. Very evocative!

thanks for commenting :-)