My Handicraft Project - Double Swing From Popsicle Stick

in #art6 years ago

Hello Steemians! Finally, today I have finished my other handicraft projects. This is a double swing from popsicle stick. Not like my previous handicraft, this one look simple, I don't make color popsicle sticks, because I was out of them and I had to wait for them available in the store back after a long holiday here. But I think this one also good, I hope you like it and I think you should be try to make it. :)

Here I show you some images when I make it to be good. :)

Thank for visit my blog. If you like my handicraft project, feel free to upvote, resteem, and follow me @hatta to see my next handicraft projects. And last I just wanna say happy new years to you all! :)

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