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I was inspired to do my first pencil drawing by an old friend, he said and I quote "you can't say you draw better than I do if you don't put it down in a sheet", those words hit me hard and I did that drawing, sadly it's been long I drew it, I would have uploaded a step by step process, but soon I am going to start my charcoal drawing and I will show you all a step by step real charcoal drawing, I am always taken to a world of eutopia when I see beautiful charcoal drawing just like the lion @vaansteam posted yesterday, I admire his sense of art and I wish I am as good as he is.

To me art is life, through which many words can be hidden, it engages many areas of the cerebrum and also have far-reaching effects on the artist mind. It give you joy and make you express yourself, it's helps to reduce stress, and it build a whole lot of confidence in you, some say it make one perform well academically especially when you are also good at doodling. Words can't express how much I love art, just like music it's rhythms sets my beats at par.

I wish to do more art, just the right motivation is what I need, I hope you love this. Thanks resteem and upvote 😁

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