Recycle- The Hot Rod Wheelbarrow

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Hello my fellow Steemian artists. I'd like to share this with you and I hope you like it.

In my quest to learn kitesurfing I have had a few accidents in which I have torn or pretty much exploded my kite. In all of these cases I have taken my damaged kite to my friend Miguel. Miguel is the only guy for miles around who is capable of repairing just about anything textile. He specialises in Sail and Kite repairs here in the small water sports mad village where I live. Miguel has promptly fixed my kite 5 times so far, and on more than one occasion has refused payment.

I had been waiting for the chance to return the favour and knew it was only a matter of time before such an opportunity would present itself. A couple of weeks ago he brought me his wheelbarrow and asked if I could take a look at repairing it for him.

I looked at it and knew the chance I’d waited for had arrived. It was not worth even attempting to weld any kind of repair on this particular wheelbarrow; it was more rust and old cement than it was metal but looking at it did give me an idea. I had a look around my back yard where I keep a few bits and pieces which may come in useful and came across this old washing machine.

I dragged it in to the workshop and thought a little more. You may remember the Hammock Chair I built ( well, I built a few others and one of these had not sold.

The basics of a wheelbarrow were gathered in front of me in the middle of my shop and it was time to cut.

Then it was time to bend some steel. I brought out my favourite home made tool. I made this apparatus a few years ago to bend ¾ inch steel bar, cold.

Turning this

Into this

Then it was time to cut the wheel and axle off of the old one, as well as the tips of the handles. Why the tips of the handles? Well, I wanted it to feel the same as his old one, you know how people get attached to things and looking at the old one I could tell that he’d had it for a very long time.

After cutting up the old chair and bending, then welding it, I had the beginnings of what could be the first ever hot rod wheelbarrow.

It was time to put the bucket together. As it is with a lot of the stuff I make I only use rough dimensions. Let me be clear. If you want a table then there are certain arbitrary measurements, such as height if it’s a dining table or even if it’s a coffee table you wouldn’t want it too low, or too high. But other than these considerations there is so much freedom to create.

In deciding the dimensions of the bucket I was pretty much only restricted by the position of the wheel and the actual square footage of the steel I could salvage from the washing machine.

After cutting the sides and the base it was time to drill and rivet the pieces together. Being one handed this was the perfect opportunity to get my feet involved in the project and so it was that I spent almost a day and a half bending, shaping, cutting and riveting the pieces together. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of my legs but believe me when I tell you that they were covered in tiny scratches and not so tiny cuts caused by the sharp steel. I didn’t mind so much as the bucket looked great.
First this
Then like this
Becomes this
Then this
Then lots of this
And you end up with this

Bucket completed and it was time to unite the two pieces then finish of reinforcing everything and preparing it for paint.

The finished product ticks a good few boxes. It’s made almost entirely out of recycled components, it was enormous fun to build, it is 100% fit for purpose, it looks great and the smile on Miguel’s face when I presented it to him was all the payment I needed.

The white wall tyre was all it took to make this a true 50's throwback, hot rod of a wheelbarrow. Roll on the next project :D


Very good article of truth that I liked a lot of successes and thanks for the story

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That's freakin' awesome. And a great thing to do for a friend. Up-voted and followed. And thank you for up-voting my latest post earlier today.

Thank you! And you're most welcome :D

Good art ☝️

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Tienes un excelente talento!!! Es increible aprender nuevas cosas de gente tan talentosa como tú! Saludos! Sígueme y resteem!

¡Te quedó genial la carretilla!

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Excelente post de objetos ya inservibles lo que pudiste sacar waoo verdaderamente sorprendente felicidades @handsolo. Saludos ; )

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good job bro,,,,,

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Well done, Good job, 2 goods when not use-able , you show we, how to think about it and make one new things. Thanks

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Wow,this is such a lovely post and one of the realest.its quite educative too.things we think might not be useful can be recycled and come out to be to a great thing.thumbs up for the good effort.i'm new here and i just saw your post @handsolo

great work !

I can see it now, all the hipsters coming to you to design and make their gardening tools! That is a bad ass wheelbarrow.

My friend!!! Fantastic to hear from you! hehehehe yeah, what can I say.... They're cuing up for hot rod wheelbarrows aren't they :P

hehehehe Thank you my friend :P

This is awesome!!! I love your "can do" approach, and your wheelbarrow is gorgeous! So glad you commented on my post so I learned about you, will read through your posts over time and of course am a follower now.

I missed this earlier. Thank you so much @natureofbeing it's great to meet a fellow creative. I have been reading a few of your posts today but for some reason the photos are not rendering. I would love to see your ceramic, it's a fantastic, and dificult (I imagine) discipline to master so total respect. I hope whatever bug preventing me from seeing your work gets sorted out, or I find the solution. I'll keep looking. Thanks again my friend and all the very best to you :D

why don't you post anymore? you are so creative! I would like to see more of what you make :)

Hi there! I have been out of action almost all year. I wore out my arm with all the work and fun activities. I'll be back soon, stronger and more active than ever. Thank you for commenting my friend :D

Watch this space

wonderful! looking forward to have you back again 😊

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to being back :D

hhaa....i admire you for your creation :P

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One of the coolest DIY's I have ever seen.... keeping in mind your were a wind surfer, apparently a handy craftsmen of steel/engineering, and then I see that you are missing your left fore arm and hand...

I was impressed already but then I saw that, and I am sure you're thinking, "well, it ain't a disability pal." or something tough like that but man I am just saying that that is impressive shit you do.

And to kite surf too?!! Wow. Thumbs up. Do you.

Thanks for your comment my friend. I'll check out your blog :D

Wahh, itu sangat luar biasa. Pasti anda melewatkan hari-hari yang melelahkan. Namun terbayar dengan hasil yang menakjubkan. Kerja yang bagus.