Today's Drawing #60 - Hana Chan

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my today's drawing. This time I tried to redraw my very first character, Hana Chan. Hana Chan is a character that I made for Steemit, since some people at that time asked me to make my own anime character.

This is the original Hana Chan. At that time I was a total newbie, well, I mean a superrr newbie in drawing. Even this simple drawing was a big deal for me, however this simple drawing has take me to this drawing journey, from a simple anime drawing to acrylic painting. Well, I'm still far from perfect, but I really enjoy every step that I take in this journey.
Some of my friends asking me, why did I still active on Steemit while Steem & SBD price falling down, I told them now, it isn't all about the money, but something immaterial, like friendship, sharing and finding something new.

Anyway, which one do you prefer? The original Hana Chan or the new version of Hana?

How to Draw

My Drawing Tools:

  • Copic Marker
  • Water
  • Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

I started by drawing her eyes, at first I still wanted to make it looks like the original Hana Chan.

Working on the rest of her body, however I still don't really like her appearance.

Then I decided to make this version of Hana to be a cute version, so add a huge eye with long hair.

Next, adding the handwriting.

I don't like to see that empty space, so I add flowers over there.

Now colouring the background using Faber Castell watercolor cake.


As this is the first time I used Copic Marker (which belong to @hime.sama), I started my painting from the less obvious part, leaves.

Coloring the flowers. What I learn from this copic thing, always start from the darkest colour and use the brightest to blend the colors.

..... Colouring her hat and tail, but.... I don't like how it looks, and @hime.sama got to go home....

So, as I don't have copic marker, I used any marker I can find in my room 😅

The next day I meet hime again to continue my painting.

Aaaand.... Finished. Yey 😅

My other banners that I made since the first time I join Steemit.


Beautiful work! I like your watercolour painting.

Thanks, but that's copic marker drawing, not a watercolour drawing, I only use watercolour for the blue background.

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I told you, you could bring it home if you wanted to use it at home 😄 you learn a lot faster than me hana. You really are a pro in drawing and painting. Hehe

Thank you, but I can't taking care things, so... 😁 I'm so far from pro, just a little while ago, a little girl showed up in my instagram and for the 1st time I can see how a painting which using Copic Marker supposed to look, lol

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I like both of your drawings. It's interesting to see how artists start and how their work evolves. I can see some similarities in these drawings but the one that you redraw is a drawing of an experienced artist with developed style. You made a tremendous progress in your skills. Her eyes and her ears are truly adorable. Thank you for sharing and I'm looking forward to see your drawings in a few years. I can't even imagine how great your style will be by then!

Thank you very much ^ ^
There're so many things I still couldn't understand, since I am still pretty newbie. Hopefully I will figure it out and grow 😁

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