Today's Drawing #55 - Misty Day

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Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~ Hans Christian Andersen.

Hello everyone, Welcome to my Today's Drawing ^ ^ This is my 2nd time painting daytime scenery using acrylic paint. At first I find it quite hard, but after I make a few watercolor painting I started to understand a little about how to make this kind of painting.

Anyway, this painting makes me want to go out and enjoy nature. I think human doesn't mean to stay in one place or in a big town where we barely can enjoy the beauty of mother earth, I think one of reasons of depression is people are rarely have time to sightseeing or spending some of our time in nature, as we are too busy with our 'live'.

sometimes, I wish I can escape to a remote area and built a new live, but I'm afraid to do it alone, lol 😅 By the way, the reason I make this painting is because I don't want to waste this paper.

Well, someone wanted to buy my drawing, the drawing you can see above, but she want it bigger, she asked me to redraw that drawing in a bigger medium. But........

Somehow the painting turn out to be this drawing, lol. I feel under pressure and my painting become a mess. Surely the buyer don't want to buy it, and take the original one instead. But, since I hate to throw away things, I decided to fix it, so I take my acrylic paint and.... tadaaa.... at least now the painting looks so much better. This tragedy teach me a lesson that I can't duplicate my own painting.

How to Draw

My Drawing Tools:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

  • First re-colouring the background using white, green and yellow, I put so much water in it, it created the foggy effect.

  • Next, painting the background.

  • Now adding some trees in the middle of the paintin.

  • Now take break, lol 😆

  • Next, adding more trees.

  • Lastly, give a thin layer using white acrylic, it will give the misty effect.

I never thought that someone would want to buy my painting, I always consider myself as an amateur and I believe no one would ever buy my work. I start my drawing journey when I join steemit, at first I only have enough money to buy a Faber Castell 12 colours, after I earn enough money from steemit I start buying more and more painting stuffs. So Steemit really have a big influence in my painting journey. Well, I think enough for today, see you next time ^ ^

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I thought this one DOES look like your other one a bit, @hananan ! Turned out that you intentionally were trying to make a similar painting :> Hahaha...

Looks like this one has more cheerfulness to it :> The trees and greens have a bit more zest in them <3 I love your step by step presentation also !

And kitty !! AHHHH SO CUTE !!!

Ahaha... Yes, but I'm a terrible artist, I can't even duplicating my own painting, lol.
*sorry for the late reply 😀

I like your work and I like because you show us how to do this. Thanks!

I like your work and
I like because you show us
How to do this. Thanks!

                 - bluemoon

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Depiction and feeling of nature is very close in these drawing. Great job!

Thank you very much 😊