Painting Cactus Using Watercolor paint

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Life is like a cactus, prickly but very beautiful.

Hello everybody... this is my 1st time painting succulent. In my childhood I love planting cacti, I've a lot of them with different type. But, after tsunami hit my hometown I lost most of my plants and somehow I lose my interest towards plant, lol.

Cactus is a really interesting plant, it has wide variation of shape and it will be a beautiful decoration for your living space. Besides you don't need to water it often, it required just a little care from us, so it's perfect plant for everyone, as anybody can grow it.

##How to Paint


Draw a simple sketch, then coloring it by following the sketch pattern. I used phoenix watercolor paint, and Canson Watercolor paper 200gsm. It's nice art supplies for amateur for me, because the price is quite low.

Somehow my Cactus looks like a watermelon... I was like... a little bit anxious and thinking should I paint watermelon instead? :D


But I didn't give up and keep editing my work until it looks fine :)

That's all for today... see you...



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