Nice one, when I saw the thumbnail it reminded me vague of Tim Bradstreet's work for Vampire: The Masquerade, some ages in the past. I find all your blog excellent, I love your style in b&w and the great backgrounds you sketch.

EDIT: Reading your previous posts, I saw that you had trouble with backgrounds -- well, forget realism and do that magical thing you did in this one and the latest posts!

Thanks. I haven't heard that name in a while.
About one or two years ago I did try to use Bradstreet's art as inspiration for a Punisher drawing I made.
Also, just to make clear I can draw a normal boring background. What I try to do though is take elements from the background of my reference photos and just go wild.

And you do that very well! Bradstreet is one my favorite artists, together with Bernie Wrightson. I you like, you can join a community and post there, so that your posts get more exposure. You can try OCD and GEMS for starters. Keep up the great work!

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