A Work In Progress

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Creating art isn’t always easy and sometimes I have to step away from something I am working on and revisit it another day.

This painting is taking a little longer than I planned but it’s slowly coming together,

Stay tuned for the outcome!




This is really cool.. I love the Deep lips. They pop on that yellow. I know what you mean about walking away from your project for a good minute. . Sometimes you just have to. I look forward to seeing the finished paint. Followed and upvoted

wow....good going so far....will be waiting for an amazing painting. good luck......:-)

Me gusta dibujar, pero se me hace difícil, por no poseer las herramientas suficientes para plasmar. Hago lo posible con creyon y hoja de reciclaje. éxito en tus obras a realizar. Buen Post.

wow what a great painting @haileyscomet

That's true. Investing too much time on the same art piece sometimes creates a repulsive feeling inside you especially when its not turning out the way you want it to. During times like those, revisiting it another time is the best option.
But your painting is turning out great. I hope I can see the finished work soon.

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

That is very impressive! Take a few days off and then it will just start flowing again!

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yes, painting really takes time. will wait for the finished product.

I really like the idea behind this painting
Bellissimo lavoro....

Me gusta la textura que posee el color y la profundidad el rostro.