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Tubes, worshipping, technoverse
The secret Metahedron, she reads
Sister of the the Hedron, she is
A technologic deity wearing interfaces

Sister of the hedron.JPG

"Sister of the Hedron" 2018

Watercolor and thinliners.
16x29 cm (6,2x11,4 in)
Private collection

This painting is rather fresh! I started it last week and finished it a few days ago. It is already part of a collection because it is (late) due to one of my contributors.

Like always, the paper (Arches 300g.) is tensed on a light wood board after having been watered (and dried). Now the sketch is done, starting light inking.

Inking process in progress. Pencil is erased.


Commencing to paint with the shadows.

Adding more textures and other colours.


Everything still looks a bit sketchy but after this step starts new layers of details, re-outlining, white touch-up and finally the cast shadows, till the finished work.

Of course I am on other pieces simultaneously. Altough I was a bit away from internet lately and haven't posted for a while (set autovotes though), I invite you to keep updated for those!

Thank you for having checked my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

My official website for more art: http://www.haedre.com

Dedicating to art in a rentability driven world is tough! Consider to buy me stuff! if your budget is limited, I have various formats art prints of most of my artworks. Just contact me.

And I accept cryptos of course, also for donations.

BTC: 13crkJP7G23sPeud2WnBmM9hbjze57f4o9

ETH: 0xa7B61e88d8ce1aBD543f80924F5f6D9f33E85648

Thanks again! Please don't forget to


I think this is the second time I came across your blog and was drawn in by the amazing artwork! I really love the style, it kind of makes me think of those Alien (from the movie Alien) artworks by that whats-his-name!

Thank you very much for the nice words @pandorasbox!

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Ahhhhh, just beautiful, just amazingly beautiful <3 <3
the colors, the technique, the style, i love it all :D
where did the idea come from?

Idea just came to my mind and I did it.

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Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Very heavy metal and beautiful. All those messy cables, you made them look lovely :).

Thanks for appreciating @scrawly!!

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Beautiful work, @haedre ! Welcome back, also :D Miss your posts !!!

Gorgeous step by step, as usual, and the design is lovely and I love your detailing work <3

Thank you for appreciating, Spider!

This is really cool. Could easily be part of a dystopian horror story.

I haven't done any horror altough it's in my plans but I did a rather dystopic, gritty and surreal, 54 European format pages sci-fi graphic-novel that you can find here: http://www.haedre.bigcartel.com

Truly wonderful. The colours are breathing life into. I can't wait to see it's progress, though I love it even in its current state.


The first two images are actually the finished artwork ;)

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