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Digging the surreal, Gigerish style. Great to see such art here. I hope we can build a community of serious artists on Steemit. Please consider checking my profile and following, I work in similar field ;)


cool, there are quite a few good artists on steemit, if you like mine, then check out @gric - he is a good friend and exactly on the same track.....
eventually, we will be legion, haha

Yes there are, I had to look thoroughly and let aside all the "moneyposters" at first and finnally I can find people like you, showing quality. I am a long time huge fan of @gric since I discovered him through the book "Biomech Art: Surrealism, Cyborgs and Alien Universes" where we're both featured.

And yes, can't wait to have a solid "dark" art group :)

lets hope so. A lot of dark artists I know, but not that many on here. Yes, I am familiar with many in this book. Right now I am exhibiting with some of them in the travelling exhibition Magical Dreams IV (organized by the Bator Gallery in Poland).

Curious about the exhibition, I hope you'll post some pictures ;)