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Have a look into the creation process of the 38th page from my 100% watercolour and ink, sci-fi and surreal illustrated novel.


In the previous page, Devlok, pentrates the cyclopean complex. His nanomorphed bike roaring loud through endless gigantic pipes. Then quickly, he makes contact with the local fauna ...




"Devlok, the Techno-Templar" is my first long graphic graphic-novel. It's been published by myself through two soft cover books that also include short stories and art. All issues and languages combined making till today, approximatively 1400 sold copies.

So, let's get back to the beginning of page 38 with the brutal story board.

I started the pencil and even some inkings during the "Comic Festival München" (Munich, Germany). It was fun to draw some mecha-zombies while watching at the public.


Back in the studio, much color is already there. Mostly the variations and basic textures of the tubes.



Of course Devlok's jacket.

Now the tunnel's shades.

The dust, some of the bloody parts.


More details, darkening of the foreground. And from now re-outlining.

Blood drips are always a huge fun, I don't know why.

The flames and gunshots. The signature pad is ready.

After that I finished the last details. Maybe some white touch up. Then I painted the onomatopoeias on another sheet, scanned and included them in the panels with Photoshop. And voilà, done!

Thank you for having checked my post, I hope you enjoyed it.

For more art, visit my official website

If you want more info about the books, check out those flick through.

Get them on:

Committing to comics is a hardcore job, consider supporting me and my family by buying my art through

Thanks for the


Wow you created some beautiful work! Realy loving your style.
Will check your other posts later today but this one looks really promising.

Thank you for your attention @guchtere!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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Awesoem work I loved seeing the process as it came together

This deserves like a 10000 upvotes! You have a real talent man.. i'm a huge fan of comics and lemme tell you something, this looks even better than some of the ones i know!

Thank you very much for your nice comment @vanessapineda! Great to read that you're a fan of comics, the world needs more.

amazing my friend seriously :D
i love the process, and also the illustrations <3 <3
it have to be a lot of work D: , how long does it take you to make it?

Thank you for your comment @edanya!
Pages like that take between 4 days to one or two weeks in special cases.

Cool! Do you have a booth at Comic Con San Diego?

No, I live in Europe, it'd be a bit difficult to come over for a us con. But if someone wants to invite me I'm of course ready.

I really love the way you express action and movement.

The cloud/smoke is so full of kinetic energy. And I like it when the starburst explosion peeks outside of the containment line, like it is company into the viewers space, breaking the 4th wall! Such amazing work. I always appreciate how much work too!

Thank you for the nice comment @donnadavisart!

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amazing work, as usual @haedre :> always great to see how a page come together, and your step by step is outstanding (as always) !!!

on this page, i love the force with which the page exploded as devlok literally run through the things standing in his way, well expressed, and well drawn !

Thank you so much, Spider! Your comment is always über-appreciated!

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