First Steepshot post: Berlin Graphic Days #12 — Steemit

First Steepshot post: Berlin Graphic Days #12

in art •  2 months ago


My stall at the Berliner art market "Graphic Days" at X-Lane (6th to 7th oct. 2018).
This is a new configuration and I was surprised myself how easy it's been to setup. The big panels are light, easy to attach and definitely attract the eye. The poster display can hold very large formats, makes it easier for the visitors to browse and keeps the table free of rather unattractive folders, all of this allowing a better use of the table.
Verdict: It was great!!

(Now thrilled about using Steepshot!!!!!)

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so nice to see your stuff!

It looks awesome. I'd pay it a visit!

thank you @raksha !!

Yes! Welcome to yet again another way to capitalize on our creative productivity. Just like Instagram and getting better everyday to beat the likes of Instagram.

See you at the top!

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@followforupvotes sweet, thank you!

Wow great booth @haedre! I wonder what's great about Steepshot? Already tried different ways of posting but somehow lose interest I think I used Steepshot once too but forgot about it.


Thanks @sanderjansenart! I am not a big instagram user so in a way it is not specially interesting for me neither. But in a way it makes simple posts still interesting and shared through a community of similar, short posts. So for people who have less time to invest and/or who are a bit scared of the complexity, I think it is a great step/interface to make Steemit more accessible to new users.

Also, personally, I was looking for an app (for smartphones) that would only use the posting key because I don't want to use my active one on my phone.

Amazing :D Wish I could see it in person !!! Now that you can steepshot, will we see more from you on steemit, @haedre :D :D :D