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One of my latest watercolor painting with its complete process.

Amoris Canalis.jpg

Amor Canalis - 2018

Watercolor and thinliners on paper. 32 x 24 cm - (12,5 x 9,4 in)

Amoris Canalis_Detail_1.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Detail_6.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Detail_3.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Detail_5.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Detail_4.jpg


Pencil. For this painting, I used this block of watercolor paper 300gr. The 10 pages are sticked together on their side with a sort of glue. It does prevents a bit against warping but it's not very efficient. It is better to avoid using this if you plan large, plain colors with a lot of water. But to start something without the hassle of preparing a proper watered paper, sticked on a board etc .. (like I do for bigger works), it's ok.
Amoris Canalis_Process_1.jpg

Inking over the pencil. Just the important shapes and not too detailled, altough it is part of a first layer of details but let space for more later. Amoris Canalis_Process_2.jpg

Erased the pencil. I am still not using blue pencil like I was planing to because they break so easily. So, ending up with smudgy areas. But since I cover everything, I don't mind that much.
Amoris Canalis_Process_3.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Process_4.jpg

A first layer of micro-splashy textures throughout various drying times.
Amoris Canalis_Process_5.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Process_6.jpg

Now rudely placing the shade zones of that outer layer.
Amoris Canalis_Process_7.jpg

While I accentuate everything more and more, I added those textured Indian Yellow lines on the visages. They will lean towards ground oranges. I keep the lighted areas out of color as much as I can.
Amoris Canalis_Process_8.jpg

Darkening the outer layer.
Amoris Canalis_Process_9.jpg

Accentuating shapes, adding more details and color patches.
Amoris Canalis_Process_10.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Process_11.jpg

From now on, I start to re-outline and to touch up with white gouache and Mitsubishi Pencil - Uniball Signo.
Amoris Canalis_Process_12.jpg

One of the last step, the cast shadows. Sometimes they are not necessary and it can be easy to ruin everything with them, pay attention!
Amoris Canalis_Process_13.jpg

Time to find a spot for the signature.
Amoris Canalis_Process_14.jpg

Amoris Canalis_Process_15.jpg

Thanks for having checked my post!

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Very well done. I really enjoy this piece and seeing your walkthrough. I especially enjoy when you can feel a piece. This one does that.

I know it sounds bad and I know you should never compare yourself to another artist, but I feel like a schlump LOL.


Thank you @tryskele!

MegaLOL!! "a schlump", that's the kind of words I dig!


Yay someone who has my sense of humor, that could be scary LOL

This is awesome! Not just your skills but also how you share the process. We need artists like you on here, to compensate for all the crap ;>)


Thank you @vincentnijman!
I agree with you and I do my best to bring other artists here!


Cool! I don't. Not enough creatives around me but I am sharing my filmmaking project on here that I'm working on with my screenwriting buddy ( who isn't on Steemit ) so I feel I'm contributing too ;>)

Have a good one!

hi @haedre , i enjoyed watching the process and what a Lovely painting !
you have your own style in watercolor technique <3


Thank you very much Adèle =)

Awesome! I like that you are using a Mitsubishi pencil uniball signo!


Oh! Master @shibasaki!! Hehe yeah they are great!

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Very nice, @haedre <3 Always such a master of intricate details * ___ * I love your style so much ! The colours are wonderful and the step by step is presented really awesomely <3 <3 <3


Thank you for the unstoppable support Spider!!

What a spectacular artwork, @haedre. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Thank you @asapers!!

Me gusta mucho su publicación, muy bonito arte... No soy experta en el tema, pero si muy curiosa... Me encanta el surrealismo en esta imagen. Por favor me corrije si no se trata de un surrealismo.

Thanks for sharing the interesting process...as well as your work.


You're welcome

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Week 6, Day 5 ~ @haedre.


Thanks a lot @eye4art!

Luv the details on this piece @haedre 😉 so the place for a signature never prepared from the start? That's unique and for someone who knows nothing about art.. I just love to see your piece 😊


Thank you @cicisaja!

So far I don't think I have planned much about the signature but why not to think about a bit before it gets to intricated!


😂 you know what @haedre, loking for a signature of the painter on the painting sometimes a challenging thing for me, but yours...that's a perfect place, like it when you choose that corner.

Again, I just love your colour palette and the use of shadow is so yummy. Wonderful piece.


Thanks for appreciating @donnadavisart =)

This is a beautiful painting. You're a great artist! How long did it take you to finish it?


Thank you for your interest @delishtreats =) I think it took me 3 or 4 days.


My pleasure. That is still ok :) I though you would say much longer!

It really is fun to see your process!

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Thank you @knacksteem.org!

Reading your Blog right now, looks interesting, definitely keeping an eye on it!

What a beautiful and unique artwork. Unlike your other art, this one is showing a lot of emotions and passions, while still keeping your signaturial look in style.      
Lovely art :D.        


Thank you @scrawly! Yeah it's rare I actually use thematics that everyone can see :D

Love your style and the process, it's an incredible work..really love it...
Love and respect

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Thank you!

Wow..beautiful painting

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That's awesome, nice intricate details in the wires and gears!