Random Fractals #66: 4K Black and White Ink Sketch + Split Style Star

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I have rendered these fractals using JWildfire 3.3.1 and have used my own settings and design in black and white, and split styles

All of my fractals are 100% unique and of my own creation, please feel free to use tineye or another reverse image search to check if you like.

I have rendered these fractals in 4k high quality settings, unfortunately due to the new file upload sizes for images on Steemit I am unable to post the .png format for some fractals as they reach sometimes 30+mb in size. Instead I am having to convert to .jpg as I would prefer this over resizing to 1080p or something like that, a 4K .jpg is better than a 1080p .png in my personal opinion. Sorry for the loss of quality here guys. I believe @dan is the ceo of Steemit and if he by any chance reads this could we do 2 things? 1. Set 30mb image file sizes as that will cover me for most complex fractals at 4K. 2. Allow HDR files to be uploaded, the difference is breathtaking, I'd show you an example but when converting to .png or taking a screenshot it defaults back to non HDR. = sad gringo

Influence for today's fractals

I love a movie called "watchmen" it's an older superhero movie and if you've ever seen this movie you will know where the influence has come from on the black and white fractals. The split fractals are essentially multiple fractals merged into one, for this my idea was to merge different geometric shapes to create a pattern, it ended up looking like a star sat behind some kind of doctor strange cgi.

Let me know what you think of my fractals in the comments below, and if you like my fractals then please consider following me @gringo211985 as I like to post fractals like this on my Steemit blog regularly. Thanks for viewing my post and I hope you like my renders!!!

Fractal #1: Black & White

Inspired by Rorschach from the Watchmen movie. Yes, I will make a fractal gif in this style, but at 60fps I would need 180 rendered fractals for a 3 second clip, so I will have to do this when I have a couple of days off.

Fractal #2: Black & White

In this fractal I wanted to try and create the motion movement of Rorschach's mask, I think I will use this as a base for my .gif when I have time.

Fractal #3: Split Style - Zoomed Out -2.5x

In this fractal I wanted to create layers of geometric shapes with a star as the main element.

Fractal #4: Split Style - Default Zoom

Here's the split version with the default zoom levels.

Thanks to everyone that's viewed my post this far, I appreciate every single viewer, upvoter, commentor, and resteemer!!! Please follow @gringo211985 for more like this


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Wow, aces of energy perish, they look so pure and so well done, and I've also seen The Vigilates, it looks a lot like the mask of the superhero (I forget the name), I imagine your art if it had movement: D

They look amazing!

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