Fractal Art #76: Mandlebrot's Styles

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I Have Created The Fractals In This Post Using JWildFire 3.3.1 and Mandlebulb3d

In today's post I want to show you all how wildly the same fractal style can vary depending on simple and small number changes to the equation that generates the fractal. For example the butterfly fractal in this post is created from the exact same style as the default Mandlebrot.

All of the fractals in this post have been created and designed using my own settings. Please note: the default mandlebrot will likely show in the Google search results as it's a predefined layout that will have been generated and uploaded many times. You can check the butterfly fractal and the other ones that have been modified are my own creation.

So, let's see how wildly different some fractals can be using the same styles...

Default Mandlebrot in 2d

Butterfly Mandlebrot

Notice the huge difference in the shapes, it'd be hard not to! Well with a little tweaking around and changing the settings you can pretty much make anything out of fractals. The hard part is figuring out the maths involved to calculate the exact shape / shapes you want. Most coast lines of countries can be mapped out and replicated using Mandlebrot's fractals, which is pretty cool! The more you look at fractals, the more you'll start to notice that fractals are inside everything including your body!

Mandlebrot Butterfly

Julia Mode

Here's the default Mandlebrot with just a single change, which was the "Julia" mode. This mode makes the most tiniest of mathematical changes to the equation, and just look at how different it looks!

Challenge Me To Make A Fractal?

So, I love making fractals and I'm looking for a challenge for my next render, so if you'd like, you can leave a comment with a shape or object that you'd like me to try and generate. Please note: the shapes or objects will have to be fairly simple as it's almost impossible to currently generate things like a human face, or a specific complex pattern.

Solid Style In JWildFire

Here's a solid style fractal that I designed to try and look like a checkerboard, really simple to do, so I added a shell into the middle to make it look a little different.

Spikey Mandlebulb

Talking about difference's in types of fractals led me to making these 2 examples. First is the default Mandlebulb, then we have a small change to the equation to create the spikey looking Mandlebulb.

Thanks for viewing my post! I much appreciate all of you, and if you like my fractals please consider following me @gringo211985 as I like to post fractal art on my blog as often as possible.

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@artmonkey thanks, glad you like the fractals :)

Wow that is really art. congratulations friend very beautiful.


Wow that is really
Art. congratulations friend
Very beautiful.

                 - me2017

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Thanks for the kind words @me2017


Thanks, glad you like the fractal art @bodymaual