The Trophy - animated & tokenized Cryptoart

in #art4 years ago

The one advantage of playing with fire,
Lady Caroline, is that one never gets even singed.
It is the people who don't know how
to play with it who get burned up.

― Oscar Wilde (A Woman of No Importance)

This 3D-geometry was the basis for
my painting series The Soulless Warrior

This tokenized artwork can be
purchased and traded at


wow, looks wicked!
Hey Peter, I went to a Steemit Austria meeting yesterday, and we talked about these new communities, so right away, we got one started - check it out and join us: - I posted just to test in the community and then re-steemed my post to my blog. Works really good!

I didn't know twitter would show the image when shared, but yes, it does:

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