🎨 My latest painting "Vortex"

in art •  4 months ago

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Vortext, 2018

Acrylic on fiberboard
32 x 40 cm
12.6 x 15.75 in

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The ink drawing of this motif can be seen --> here

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No escape from that one - Leonard Cohen's "Tower of Song" - inverted and sucked into the vortex.

It sort of popped into my head since I identify with it:

"Well my friends are gone and my hair is grey I ache in the places where I used to play"
.... and where would we find Hank Williams, if not swallowed by the vortex?
"I said to Hank Williams: how lonely does it get? Hank Williams hasn't answered yet But I hear him coughing all night long A hundred floors above me In the tower of song"
But don't mind me, I am immersed in the silly hour, well past my bed time!

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Thank you guys!

Wow! I'm always amazed at the intense level of detail in your work... I find I can sit and look at it for a long time, on a journey of "discovery." Very evocative, too!


Wow! Your Vortex painting looks incredibly amazing, it is breath-taking. Immediately i saw it, I was like "how the heck did he do that?" I love how you paid attention to all those little and intricate details. It made it look so so real, one would easily think its a photo at a first glance.

Great piece!


Thanks a lot @audreybits!

This is truly magnificent. I saw your post on FB. Such delicate and intricate lines, especially considering the smaller scale of the canvas.


I'm glad you like it Donna! Thank you!

What a cool building! Though I feel like we'd need to be 5th dimensional beings or something to be able to make full use of it XD


Yes, we need to explore higher dimensions! :-)

I like all the tiny details that you included in your painting. It looks like hundreds small windows. I just wonder if anyone lives there as it might be difficult with all those different shapes ;)

Great colors! It looks rusty and cool.

It might be a silly question but is this digital painting?


Thank you @delishtreats!
It's painted in acrylics. The reference, however, is a 3D-edited model.

Brilliant work!! It makes me travel through the immagination in a fantastic world and remember me the movie "Inception". Thanks for it!!


Oh wow.. your Vortex is beautiful @gric! The level of details are insane and how did you imagine the architecture to be in vortex like that? A first glance, I thought I was seeing the Colosseum in Vortex. Totally cool. Thank you for sharing with us your amazing work.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Holy crap that is awesome 👏

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Wunderbares Bild! Es ist unglaublich wie du es schaffst so viele Details in einem so verhältnismäßig kl. Format unterzubringen.

This is amazing, @gric.... The composition and how the space literally bends ... it gives an illusion of space not quite proportioned for human minds !!!

The detailing and the colours are wonderful, as always <3 You are amazing * ___ *

Congrats for Curie, as well :D

Woow is wonderful what you have done here, I love so much details that your piece has, I can not imagine how complicated it was to finish it, it is undoubtedly the best I've seen today, a big hug @gric

Congratulations @gric , it is a complicated and at the same time beautiful piece of art!