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A local food truck in my town recently asked me to make a few stickers for them. They make a bunch of cool unique little foods so I thought it would be fun to draw some of it. Sourdough waffle brisket sandwich, I mean how do you say no to something like that hahaha. I took a few photos and then did a few sketches to get the basic design/ layout right and then watercolor painted them. I like the way you can layer colors so that's why the watercolor instead of markers or a digital color. Then I spent a few hours printing and hand cutting all these little bastards out, but i'm pretty happy with the end results. Gonna have to make a few different ones now I think....

food truck3.jpg

The initial sketch....

food truck4.jpg

A few close ups of the foods.....

food truck2.jpg

food truck.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the arts....


Interesting works, many thanks for sharing!

Thank you..... it's surprising fun to draw food :)


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Nice art work!
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