Cuts of pork...

in #art5 years ago

Finished up a little meat education board for our local farmers market. There is a local ranch that sells some awesome cuts of meat and needed a new sign to show off a little knowledge. The first pass I used a lot of pink to try and color code the cuts and whatnot but it definitely didn't have enough contrast, so I decided to redo it and and a bit of color. I think the color version looks way better/ reads a lot better, but i'm not sure if it's the final one. I like where it's at but think it needs a little something else. Hahaha I'll keep thinking on it while I work on other arts and hopefully get inspired : )

Sharpies on a white board...

pig board.jpg

Here was the first version...

pig board2.jpg

And the quick sketch that started it all...

pig board3.jpg

Thanks for checking out the arts...

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