Drawing while I work #24 - Ronin Tenshiryu - Original draw and story.

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An encounter that shouldn't happen

Ronin vs Samurai


With his left hand injured, Tenshiruy, a ronin, is on a mission to rescue his son from a group of samurais that was leaded by the elders of a village called Tenkinawa that do kidnapping jobs to members of the high class of the main cites, their samurais are known to be ruthless and powerful but to their misfortunes, they kidnap the son of a former samurai, a ronin that let the life of klling in the past to live a peaceful life with his wife and kid.

This samurais entered his house while he was collecting some fruits for breakfast and when he arrives to his house he found a letter. "If you do want for your son to have the same fate as your wife, come to the village Tenkinawa with everything you have." his live as a killer lets him a big fortune for all the jobs as a htman and was not going to let all that taking away just like that, besides, he wanted to avenge the murder of his wife and in the process, get his son back.

When he gets to the meeting point, the only thing he has is his sword, a nihonto called Kogarasu maru, a double edged katana, demanding to get his son back or else there will be concequences. everyone looked at him with surprise as they didn't know that the woman they killed and the kid they kidnap was his. As soon as they refused to give the kid back, the slaughter begun, Tenshiruy was known as faster than thoughts but the years of peace had made him slower, the group of soldier were confident as they got to injurred him on his left arm when used as shield, after a while, our ronin manage to killed everyone of them and went straight to their leader, a former companion of tenshiryu was waiting for him.


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Whoooaaa!! That's a bad ass samurai! Nice little story to accompany your sketch, @gooze!


Thank you @trincowski I will continue this as a short story.

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Wow sounds so epic ! I wonder if you can continue this story ! Why was the former companion out for his blood? Was there a dark past between the two of them???

A nice picture to go along with the story, as well! I can feel that there will be a bloody battle from the illustration :)


Yes, I will continue the story, maybe in the next post. So glad you liked it. <3 @veryspider

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