Drawing while I work #15 - Portrait request from a coworker #1

in art •  2 months ago

Margarita Lopez


This is the first request I got from a coworker that wanted me to draw her daughters, I usually don't like to do requests but this guy have been a great friend during my short period of time in this job that I had to do it the best I could and give this little present for her daughter.

This drawing took me a lot of time because the uncomfortable sit at work and the fact that I was working I couldn't focus as much as I do when drawing portraits, Is not the same when I create a character that I get to do some mistakes and work with it, portraits needs a lot of focus because you want to make it the most similar possible.

Here is the photography to handled me to draw.

P1350108 (2).jpg


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Very cool sketch, @gooze. It's really well executed and similar to the reference! 😊


Thank you, @trincowski, that was my biggest concern.

Nice portrait, @gooze :) I think you really captured her likeness and her cuteness well :D

Hi, @gooze!

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