Drawing in quarantine #6 - Figure drawing of a girl - No reference drawing.

in #art2 years ago

This is another drawing of a woman, this one is a figure drawing, I wanted to draw a more natural and maybe chubby girl unlike the ones I´m used to draw from my mind, this was made after a lot of thinking on how I would pose her on the paper and this was the result.

Admiring her body.


Quick sketch of her body, at first I wanted to draw her like she was lifting her shirt but I was not so sure about this.


That is why I started to add the charcoal for the shadows on her body, but not in the shirt


Here I erase completly the shirt and started with the work on the faded of the shadows in her body


At first it was going to be a faceless figure drawing but I like my drawing to be complete for the most parts so I drew her face in a position according with the body and I think I nailed this

Lets name her. Marina.



excelente trabajo de arte te felicito esta espectacular

te quedo muy bien y buena forma de explicar como lo realizaste.

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