I Miss You

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

I Miss You

I miss you
I remember when we met
Awkward to say the least
I was ten and you in your prime
Often I stumbled, couldn’t keep my balance around you
This was the beginning
We grew accustomed
My presence to yours and yours to mine
My first Love
Time went on and we began to dance
Matching each others rhythmic expression
You’d pick me up whenever I’d fallen
Motivate me when ever I’d lose faith
Together we were powerful
Across the world we traveled
Stopping in different places to exhibit our artistry
We grew closer
But time separated
Passion depleted
I miss you
It’s been awhile dear friend, maybe we can reconnect
Rekindle the youthful joy that once consumed us
And even though we may not dance again you’ll remain apart of me
Maybe we could show another the moves we perfected
Our unity can be revived through a younger vessel
Instill the passion we once shared
I miss you
Dear basketball it’s not over


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I could feel this in my 💓. I know what it's like to miss parts of us that feels like we can't get it back. But, I love how you talk about passing on the love to another; in THAT way, you'll get it back!

Thanks I appreciate your comment this has been on my mind a lot lately!

Simply inspirational. Pure art!

Thank you I appreciate it I'm glad that you liked this piece!

Lol,i never taught it was basketball until the end... . Nice one 😁

Yep that's exactly what I was going for I'm glad you enjoyed 👌🏽

Wow, I feel the same...... This is dope. Its been along time for me and I miss my greatness I had with the rock.... I guess I should've never got fatter and older.... haha

Thanks and yep I know I just got old and slow lol

Awwwwww i used to play basketball in highschool. :) Very nice

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Something I'm also happy with this basketball sport

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