MMuseumm in NYC - the smallest museum ever?

in art •  2 months ago
I enjoy visiting odd things. I prefer them to the sort of things that the masses tend to enjoy. That's just me, that's how I operate. So when I told my friends about this "strange and small museum" that I wanted to check out and they informed me that it was actually located in the alleyway literally behind the building I was staying in, that was just perfect.

So let me tell you about Mmuseumm in NYC. It is the size of a medium sized closet and has a collection of oddities that changes on a regular basis. It is free to look at and it appears as though they owners do this simply because they want to, not for any sort of financial gain or even fame.

The only downside is that obviously a closet can become quite crowded and the people standing in front of us wanted to read all the placards on every single item in the glass cases. When we visited there were some displays about the evolution of the mobile phone, which was interesting because I was actually alive when all of these were the "latest and greatest thing." To someone a bit younger, they might never have known anything other than smartphones or at least flip-phones.


There were also "strange" popular snacks from around the world that actually aren't that strange to me because I live in Asia. I don't buy super spicy dried squid snacks but it isn't unusual to me. I can certainly understand why it would be to your average American though.

There were also tissues and handkerchiefs that had been used by famous people and world leaders. I decided to focus on the one that used to be owned by Vladamir Putin.


Don't worry, they were all clean. Nobody really wants to look at the snot of someone else. Well, no one i want to be friends with anyway.

They also has (obviously very small) replicas of all the wall prototypes being proposed and considered by Donald Trump at the moment.


Like I said, the collection is in a state of constant rotation so you never know what you are going to get when in Mmuseumm. It is located in a part of town that is really easy to get to no matter where you are visiting in NYC and it also just a block or two away from the fire-station from Ghostbusters, so you can combine a visit to both of them in a very short amount of time. Mmuseumm is always free and yeah, i think it is more worth visiting than the two modern-art museums that I also visited.

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You didn't include any links - here is the website:
and the address:
368 Broadway #512
NYC, NY 10013


Thanks buddy

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Wow. This is such a cool idea. The owners must be some pretty interesting people. :D

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Beautiful to have you here in the morning bringing us a quality blogger, now again you bring a museum, I see that you admire art as much as I do, although I love everything that has to do with Roman and Greek art and Egypt as it is natural, although there is so much art that one wonders with so many wonders available as always friend, despite the harsh situation that I live in my country and now this December that we will not eat as it should yet one can admire these wonderful things stuck to the monitor . Greetings and my respect as always my support.

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I'll check it out. thanks!