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RE: Random Adelaide Street Art

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Hey, @mazzle.

A pokemon is as good a guess as any, I suppose. I would think, though, that something called nine tails, would actually have nine tails, but hey, artists like you to interpret their work, too. :)

I keep looking at this and finding more forelegs (or paws). Seems like there are four up front and then two in the back, along with the four tails. So definitely not your run of the mill dog or canine, neither of which I could find with a simple search on Google.

It is pretty amazing though, and random, as you state. I wonder why the artist didn't paint in the bit between the head and ears? Ran out of paint? Got chased off? Or simply missed it?


There is a strange number of legs on this one. :D

It tricked us when we saw it as well.

Adelaide seems to have a rapidly increasing amount of street art these days which is nice to see.

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Hey, @mazzle.

It does look familiar, though, like it could be a pokemon of some kind. I mean, it's a decent representation of some kind of cartoon character I've seen, I just don't remember where or what. I'm getting a little old for such things, anyway. :)

Of course, with grandkids I'm bound to see some it as it keeps rolling out. :)

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