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PICASSO FOR 50$ Incredible "The Bust of Musketeer"

in art •  last year


Lately, I discovered in a Swiss Newspaper, the website https://www.qoqa.ch is proposing to buy in France the "bust of musketeer" of Picasso.

The proposition is simple; he needs 40.000 participants for the acquisition. Each person will pay $50 and they will become a shareholder.

After the acquisition, the painting of Picasso will be graciously put at the disposal of the Swiss museums for that each contributor can see free near him? "There will be their name displayed side by side and they will also be consulted on all major decisions, including to know where is it going to expose”.

For the moment I don’t know if the project pushes thru. I believe it is a fantastic idea and hope the community will be enough enthusiastic.

Watch the founder, Pascal Meyer of qoqa.ch explaining his project.

A great Idea “ Art for all”.

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