My method of making collage artwork ( photos by Crux )

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This is a small presentation of me working in my studio and making various collage artworks.


I am working with analogue collage (handcut) and my tools are cutting knife for straight cuts and detail ( the medical type is the sharpest and cheaper to use) scissors for round cuts, black markers for outline and and correcting mistakes and UHU stick glue for a clean finish.



I am finding my images through net search, trying to find high resolution photos but always with respect for other people artwork. I then cut everything and spend a lot of time arranging and rearranging everthing. This is the best part for me:) everything is in motion and the compinations can surpise you. The last part is pasting everything on black hardboard and its finished.



The amazing photos are taken by my friend Crux. You can find more of his photography here

Feel free to ask questions about collage. Its a very easy medium to use and very enjoyable for the artist:)

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I'm a collage artist, too! Saw you promoting this post on FB in a couple groups. Very nice article. We should (s)teem up :-)


Thank you very much, of course we will steem up:):):)
looking forward to more art:)



I loved all your pics.

Elrond Huston Aka ehuston


Thank you very much @ehuston :) I hope they inspire to start with collage, its very satisfying for the maker:)

Everything looks nice! :)


Thank you very much @ronnielong11 :) The photographer made a very good job:)

nice job ..Follow me and up vote


thank you and done:)

Very nice 'behind the scenes' post!

I guess the only 'expensive' part of the procedure is printing all those images that you cut. And time, of course.

And Crux has some good pics!


Thank you Alexander, i ll try to post more of these stories. People think that collage is diffucult whe actually is very easy and satisfying:)

Επισης σημερα το πρωι ειδα το ποστ που γραφεις οτι εισαι απο Ελλαδα:) Ακομα ψαχνομαι με το steem και πως δουλευει οποτε καποια σχολια δεν τα ειχα δει. Χαρηκα για την γνωριμια και ελπιζω να τα λεμε συχνα:)


Από Κύπρο είμαι! Κοντά έπεσες! :P

Επίσης χάρηκα! Κι εγώ μόνο ένα μήνα έχει που είμ' εδώ, ακόμη μαθαίνω.

This is so cool. I just made a post about some of my art too!

What is your favorite kind of art to do?

Also, badass of you to include the source to your friend's photography. As a photographer I definitely approve. :)


Thank you very much, of course i will include the source he is a talented hard working artist:) My favorite medium is collage, i will check out your artwork:)