Christening of my twins part #1 - How to make invitation cards

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Hi Dear Steemians

In good time and planning the baptism of my twins Sara & Roxbely, I proposed to do some things of crafts "with the little time I have left", in this first part I want to teach them how I did in a practical and simple Invitation cards for this event.


This is a way to teach you to do creatives for any event and be able to save some $$ ...

Let's start

First we will use the following materials for 100 cards:

-20 sheets of pink cardboard.
-20 sheets of white color cardboard
-5 meters ribbon Lace
-15 meters ribbon for decorating
-1 wave scissors
-1 glue in bar
-1 silicon Cold

Step by step

This time we designed a card that carries two Shades (white and pink)

  • Once the invitation is designed, print it on the white cardboard, so that the text of the invitation is two per sheet.


  • With the scissor of waves crop each invitation of the white card


  • With a ruler we measure about 15 cms of lace tape to decorate the card, the dimension and with the cold silicon paste on the left side of the card


  • we measure each invitation on the pink cardboard so that when placing the white cardboard is a pink border between them in the following way


  • With the thin tape we measure about 30 cms, and paste it through the center of the socket, then paste it to the pink cardboard


  • Finally cut the passes for each invitation, you open a hole with the drill and insert them into the tape chicken gut and make the loop as a final point for the invitation.


This in a way to make invitations at home, save money and make the design to your liking, so I made them for the baptism of my girls and everyone likes.

I hope you liked this post and have learned, is super simple.

In the next post will teach you how to do other things crafts for your events

do not forget to leave your comment and you can follow me, together learn many more things



Impressive invitation card... Good craft..

thanks so much!!

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