Glowi Night sketch

in #art2 months ago

By Gabriel Mendez (me) lol

Glowi night by Gabriel Mendez.jpg

Hello my steemian friends here I want to share a piece of work that I’m starting. I’m planing to color it soon I will find a way to make it color full and very glow in the dark style. I have it done in my mind jaja just the way I wanted it but I’m working and practicing on some techniques to make a nice cool glow effect. Once I have it done I will share it ASAP.

Well guys I hope you like my sketch, comment if you like and don’t forget to follow me that way you don’t miss any of my work and if you want to share thoughts and ideas for more some cool art just let me know in the comments bellow.

Gabriel Mendez


I like it, it has style

Thank you, I still thinking on the color palette I will use to paint this one jeje.