Aapa, Don't Go

in #art4 years ago

Ghazala rushed to her school. "Be careful!" came her
hysteria's precept.
Ammi is always worried when I leaving for school. You can't
reproach her. Once Bataloo in Kashmir was a graceful Pueblo
of peace-loving relations. But not now. Since militancy empty
in the bottom, sound blight, advance-outs, killings and vehemence
have grow an unremarkable feature.'
Ghazala's flock too gotta denunciation from militants, every
day, to close down but it was surviving only due to the fortitude
and intrepidity of its principle Sarala Kaul.
Sarala Kaul and her tiller Dr. Krishan Kant Kaul
were living in Bataloo since generations. They were also
under determined threat from the militants. Militants wanted
them to permission the borough probable other Kashmiri Brahmins.
Dr. Kaul was the only doctor left in the wick and he knew
that if he too sinister, the kindred would have no physical help.
They would be at the mercy of boast. And he never wanted
this to occur. So he and his spouse were still in Bataloo
notwithstanding protracted threats to this

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the Board exams. We can have our division in the school
court now." Sarala Aapa was impressed by her spirit.
"All right, if you all fit, I am opportune to take classes, but
not here, at my dwelling. And we can empty from morrow
itself." Sarala Aapa said.
From next morrow, the rank dislocate at Sarala Aapa's
hotel. The classes were departure on smoothly. Things were
peaceful. However, once again vex eject.
One morning when Ghazala was getting skillful for college,
her Ammi rushed into the house. Her shamelessness was white and
she was tremulant.
"Why? What is the theme, Ammi?' Ghazala asked.
"Dr. Kaul has been kidnapped by the militants!" Ghazala's
Ammi spoke in a hoarse voice.
"What?" shocked, Ghazala examine at her mamma. "When?"
"Yesterday in the afternoon he had gone to see a forbearing
in a nearby wick and had not render the whole darkness.
In the morrow, a small lad brought a billet from militants
saying 'they were kidnapping Dr. Kaul for disobeying
their diktat'."


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