EOS Meetup - Pixeos' Collaborative Painting

in #art5 years ago

During this Saturday an EOS Meetup was held in Guacara, Venezuela. This gathering was arranged by @teameos with the participation of some projects that have EOS blockchain as their home. One of these projects was PixEOS, which is an art-and-games combined platform.

As part of the dynamic, its representative @laloretoyya brought a canvas to perform a collabotarive painting among all the participants. The main theme was "EOS changing the World". She asked me to start the painting, so as a concept I drew Atlas holding the World that has in its upper part the EOS' chestahedron logo. I share with you the beginning of this work, and I'll share later on how it ended up looking after all the participants added their share to the concept. It was a really fun activity. Thanks for the honor of starting it.

Sharpie Markers used on a white fabric canvas

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