Draconian Reptilus, I am Fire .- Bestiary 1.2

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Of all the races that inhabit the vast galaxies, one of the oldest is the Reptilus, its first appearances on the various planets of the cosmos respond to the innate thirst for survival that develops life, thus perfecting its ability to devour and devise strategies for To place themselves as the predators per excellence, by having a particular way of understanding progress their civilizations settled in long hierarchies in the enslavement of their members to perform magnificent works, the Draconians are basically the most renowned lineage in the galaxy to Count on numerous planets under their dominions,
The first Dragos who survived the difficult conditions in which life lived in its most primitive stages were generally colossal in size, as they became accustomed to breathing gases in radioactive atmospheres, yet life always finds its forms of Manifest.
The true source of their condition is based on consuming energy from the creatures, one of the reasons the race managed to expand was thanks to the scientist Xev Zerpis, he was able to channel energy from the source through technology to expand his consciousness and To be able to feed in turn of the impalpable matter that makes up the souls, for this reason the Reptilus, descent lineage direct to the original Dragos could survive thanks to its capacity to devour energy only with its presence.
It is said that this race inhabits the planet earth 12343000930 tpem 99003003terds.
For millennia, are usually accused of being involved in situations of power and domination, for centuries have dominated races as the "Human" -Homo-Sapiens creatures that incubated from a native primate race to serve in their purposes Of domination and expansion by the galaxy, have built a dense network of control systems such as religions where they are made offerings of living creatures as this satisfies them as they feed on suffering, fear, pain and low density vibrations

This race has psychic abilities and are very dangerous, it is said that some may even master the change of form at will, their nature is dominant and it is not that they are bad, it is simply their way of perceiving life does not allow them to feel empathy, alone They see a dam and its objective in a pragmatic way.
It is for this reason that their souls never transcend and their hatred feeds with more hatred forcing them to return in ever more heinous and abominable ways.
Not allowing our mind to reach depressive stages, these skilful creatures could come into your presence and take any form to approach you and absorb your energy.
The practice of meditation through gratitude will suffice for the person who has been involved in such a situation manage to escape graceful at best, but remember that every situation we attract is for our own evolution on our way back to the fountain

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