Mother-Daughter Tattoo

in #art5 months ago


This is one of the first tattoos I did in my studio. The name below is in cyrilic and is pronounced Melis. The woman who got it was very happy and excited, to keep a memory of her baby girl.
As for the design, I took the base from the Internet and stylized it in my own style.

Stay tooned for more tattoo artworks from me, as the studio is now busy and I have a lot to share.

7ohP4GDMGPrUMp8dW6yuJTR9MKNu8P8DCXDU9qmmjwa2JxFsEqQteuFafEGFr48DZn2xTCDLUkjmqFWFbks3SBLphm9VgUnMYUhW (1).jpeg

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