Bag With a Hidden Message. "The Mountain calls. You must go!"

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Here is another one from the series "Bags With a Hidden Message".

For the last 18 days I have been working every day on the bags and am exhausted. This last one took me tree days to complete. Extra time was needed to figure out how to make the pocket flap.

Mecho copy.jpg

Details and Extras

I did several bags with the same cut but without the front pocket flap. It came to my attention that it is necessary for safety. Put a lining below and webbing on top to make it more stylish. The button is wooden, which was too hard to find, as most are plastic.



The hidden message is something I try to put in each bag, usually in the form of a pocket. It is personal and only if the bag's owner wants to, it can be read by others. I want the bags to be a whole experience of surprise and personal connection. Of course the message has to be related to the graphic. In this case it is:

The mountain calls. You must go!

IMG_6239 copy.jpg

Functionality is important and even though it takes a lot of extra time, it is totally worth it. A back division pocket with separate lining from the base one. All secured with strong thick zippers.

It took me weeks if not months to finally find a cotton fabric with this green color. It came out quite expensive at the end, but worth it. It is thick and strong.

The whole bags series are going to be offered for the first time on the 21st of April, during a "Colorful bazaar of hand-made and arts" event I organize with a friend. Afterwards they will be available for orders and purchase, so if you like them stay tuned. I still can not give a final price for it and I always ask you guys, but you never reply. How much will a hand-made bag like this cost in your country?

The illustration itself was done as a tattoo project which was fulfilled and my next post will be about it.


I really wanted to work with fabrics especially on creating useful stuff such as this bag. I hope I can find a good work soon or that SBD and STEEM will rise up again. Your work is just amazing given the fact that you've added relevant details for the owners to appreciate what you made.

I am upvoting this although I know you deserve much recognition than the small amount of SP I could give that is why I have decided to resteem this one.

I am sure the owners will love the beautiful touch you add on it. Good luck! I hope you'll get more customers cause that's totally a beautiful handbag!

Thank you for the kind words!!!

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