Portrait for Tim Cliff. My original work is watercolor.

in art •  10 months ago

Hey . I want to share my new watercolor portrait for the person who supports me @timcliff.

  I want to give him some of my work. Thank you for agreeing.

As I see, this person is positive and his photo gives joy :) I was pleased to draw you, you have an unusual appearance.

The portrait is made with watercolor paint. Drawing took approximately 1 day.

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Very cool! It turned out really well :)




Hi @timcliff.. I hope you're having a good time. I just want you to see this artwork of my friend @wews. He just finish this right now. Herr's how he made it.





Thanks you very much Tim☺


I like your painting of @timclif


it really looks like you @timcliff every details of a portrait seems to be perfect :) Great artwork @funny.arts


Thanks you ^-^


I will try to make a portrait of you too @timcliff :D

Hey! I know that dude!

That's some great work right there, great work. I'm going to put that one up on my wall too...
Thanks Anya.


Hi, thank you very much :) Do you want the same portrait?

Please do it for me too ;)


ok) no problem

When are you going to finish the painting?

You were working bottom to top, and still have to finish the hair?


This is a ready-made job.

You are a great artist ....I will pay u to get this lovely potrait


If you want to discuss this :) write in the chat room)

I will call you from now on as sensei. You got great and made skills girl! Even @timcliff loves it!


Thank you very much) I'm glad that he likes

Good post 👍👌, Please upvote back me, @hazmisyahputra, thank you.

wow! you are awesome!

tremendous quality ...! I am fascinated by your photos (works) .. I follow you .. ;-)


Thanks you very much)

Мне нравиться ваше творчество.Спасибо


excellent work in watercolor

Very nice, i love this

Bravo on the portrait. As a portraitist myself, I know the challenges of getting a likeness.

Wow...you have an amazing work of hands @funny.arts i also followed @timcliff because i found all of his post very informative and helpful specially to a beginner like me 😊


thanks you)