Lovely New Year's Cat. My original work is pastel pencils.

in #art4 years ago

Hi guys ! Although the New Year has already passed, but I can not help sharing this picture. This is New Year's Cat.

I drew it with pastel pencils. Sometimes I paint with different materials, but I prefer watercolors anyway.

Now I want for those who want to try to draw with pastel pencils, I'll write advantages and disadvantages, because it's more difficult to draw than simple pencils.

As a rule, pastels are crayons, but there are also pastel pencils.

If you have ever painted, or tried to draw with pastels, you must have faced the problem of displaying small details of the picture. If you paint a landscape, or still life, then these drawings do not particularly require detailed elaboration. But, if you draw, for example, a portrait, then you can not do without detail. Of course, you can draw and crayons, but still, pastel pencils will cope with the task of detailing the picture much better.

Also, pastel pencils have a second, important advantage over the crayons - they do not make your hands dirty.

Well, the third point, what exactly pencils are for, will be important for those who just love to draw and hold pencils in their hands. To such, fans of a pencil, I also concern.


Der Katze wird ein siebter Sinn nachgesagt, sie soll Ereignisse, wie Erdbeben, vorhersehen können. (Tatsächlich reagieren sie aber wohl einfach nur stärker auf Vibrationen und nehmen ein Beben ca. 10 bis 15 Minuten vor den Menschen wahr)

Wow. du bist echt nen mega talent. Upvote Comment and resteem

A cat's normal pulse is 140-240 beats per minute, with an average of 195.

Really nice work! you gained a follower!

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