Making The Keyblade!!!

in #art2 years ago

Today I will be making the keyblade from Kingdom Hearts!


I will start with two different sizes of PVC pipe I glue the bigger one on top of the smaller. I also cover the holes with EVA foam.


I now cut off about an inch from the top of the tube. I now glue that on the smaller tube about an inch bellow. After that, I cut out a strip of foam and glue it to the very bottom of the smaller tube.


Now it is time to build the key part and the guard. I first start by printing the parts out and tracing them onto the foam. I cut out two pieces of the key part and glue them together. I then do the same thing twice for the guard.


Once all pieces were ready, I glued them on.


Now it´s ready for paint. I first start with plastidip, only spraying it on the foam. Now, once that´s dry I hit it with some silver spray paint . While that´s drying I cut out a Mickey Mouse head and then hook that to a chain. I then sprayed it with silver spray paint.


Once the silver spray paint on the keyblade is dry, I tape off the top of the guard and spray that with yellow spray paint.


Once that´s dry, I use blue paint between the guard and the bigger PVC pipe. I also do the same for the handle, just with black paint.


The last step is screwing the chain to the bottom of the handle!


That´s the finished build! Thank you for reading my post! Please leave your suggestions for my next build in the comments!


a very good post I liked her

Make this.

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