Making The Hylian Shield: Part 2

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Today is part 2 of making the hylian shield.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 2.58.33 AM.jpeg
I am just going to start where I left off. After all pieces are glued, I now start to paint. I first start painting with Plastidip. IMG_20180219_232521.jpg
Plastidip will give it a nice base coat. Now I spray the shield with silver spray paint.IMG_20180220_113940.jpg
Then I tape the edges of the pointy fives and boarder of the shield. I spray the shield with blue spray paint.

Now I peel it off. IMG_20180222_152542.jpg Now I spray gold spray paint into a plastic cup and brush it on the three triangles. IMG_20180222_152913.jpg I print out the red bird on the bottom half of the shield.IMG_20180222_152922.jpg
Now I cut it out and trace it on 1mm thick foam. Then I painted it red and I glued it on. WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 2.58.33 AM.jpeg

That's the finished build! Thank you for reading my post! leave your suggestions for my next build in the comments!


That's great work. Will there be a costume to go along with it? Or just going to mount it on the wall?

Anyway, good to find other folks interested in cosplay here. It's a bit of a needle in a haystack to find the original content like ours.

I will not be making a full costume to go with it, but I am planning on hanging it on my wall as a display piece! Thank you for commenting, @brokenbokeh!

Very cool! So, are you into Halloween? Before having kids, my husband and I loved dressing up for Halloween, or helping others with their costumes, specifically the make up or special effects. But with the effort you're putting into building these props, I bet it's nice to be able to show them off somewhere.

Halloween is just the tip of the iceberg. 😉 People dress up in super elaborate costumes and attend conventions, it's called cosplay (costume + play). You may have seen some photos from news articles about San Diego ComiCon.

I have! Some of those costumes are AMAZING! My kids are a bit young though, and I know some costumes are on the scary or risque side for now, but it looks like fun!

That is true, they can be risque or scary.

GREAT JOB! I Iove it!

He DID do a great job! Btw, how are you doing? Really enjoyed our chat at the meetup! Find me on discord!

You should make Drax's knives from Guardians of the Galaxy.