Making The Hylian Shield: Part 1

in #art2 years ago

Today I will be making the iconic Hylian shield from The Legend Of Zelda.


First I will start off with a piece of EVA foam.

Then I will draw out a paper pattern. I will only need to draw half the shield. 

Then I trace the pattern onto the EVA foam. 

 Now I will cut it out of the EVA foam.

 After it is cut out I heated it with a heat gun to relax the foam and allow it to bend in the shape I want it.

Now once it's bent, I folded a piece of paper and cut out half an isosceles trapezoid with a triange in the middle, then I unfolded it

 Now I draw an inch wide line around the border of the shield. I also traced the isosceles trapezoid shape onto the pattern.

 Now that the pattern shape is cut out I traced that onto a 1mm thick foam. I repeat this process twice then I glue it.

Now that the piece is glued on there I make a pattern of the pointy five design and the three triangles on the top of the shield, then I traced and cut it out on 1mm thick foam then glued it on.

And that's all for part one part two will be coming out soon.


You are doing an awesome job @freerunner.

Wow. I didn’t know you designed and made stuff like this. It’s great! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your finished product!

Thank you, @itsallasong! part 2 will be coming out soon!

at times people forget to appreciate other friends work, but i can't for get to love your good post , thank you @freerunner

Nice to meet you, @freerunner! How did you come up with this idea to make Hylian shield? ;) Looking forward

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Awesome! Love to see work in progress projects! :-) Keep it up, buddy!