Girls of Steem - 2 (part 1)

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She is not finished yet, I still have to work on her face, and start her hands and see if I can learn how to do a better job with hair. Work flow below. 4 hours and 20 minutes total painting time so far, I stop and start and move to different locations. Home and work and here and there, the iPad is great that way, and no mess to clean up. Though it does encourage me to check coin market cap, tweets, discord and mail, at least I can also play music. I am still very slow, but its ok...

Looking on this screen at this scale I can notice a lot more mistakes, like in the shadows of her T-shirt, but I can also see what is sort of working ok too and how to enhance that.

By tracing the outline and lifting the colour values straight from the photo, some would say this is not art. I tend to agree, it is more like an adult colouring in book. One day I will go back to doing gesture sketches and build my drawing skills, but for now painting is relaxing and I get to complete more pictures this way with a better result.

Blocking in the colours with clothing, face and hair on different layers. The value I chose for her face would have been better if I used the same as her body.

Adding some "half-tones" and searching for the shapes, thinking about how the light is revealing the shapes and casting shadows.

Still very rough at this stage, I was going to post it like this, but managed to do a bit more work on her face and clothing first as the next and last picture shows. I also knocked down the highlights on her tummy a bit.

Hmm, I can see I am not really capturing the shapes in her abdomen well at all... I will try and do more justice to the creation from this awesome model and photographer, whoever they are.

Thats it for today, maybe I can complete her tomorrow or the next day. Great to see the price of STEEM holding up pretty well in the recent market far.

9 days to EOS main net launch - go Dan and the Devs...heal the world!

Good Luck!

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Wow this is wonderful my friend. I will really love to learn from you @freemoceanisnow thanks for sharing another wonderful post

Congratulation freemoceanisnow! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 4min with 6 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

Well, this is good art of sexy girl, you are a graphic designer

Nope I am an electrician, surf board salesman and really bad investor, I would have liked to of studied art and biology though. Good to see you again, hope you have been having fun?

I am expecting the steem price may increase in future. Will try to buy some eos also.